Experience head-to-toe indulgence with DARIS’s luxurious range of body massage treatment and scrubbing.
We designed this therapy for females who are extra couscous about their looks and beauty. Our Grooming Massage can tone your body and enhance the smoothness & softness of your body skin. We use very high end products like Forest Essentials or The Body Shop for grooming treatment.

Grooming Massage or Grooming Therapy is a combination of Massage and Scrubbing. Its a 2 hour session in total where 90 minutes would be a Body Massage of your choice and then 30 minutes for body scrubbing.
It is preferred if you chose Lomi Lomi or Stress Relief Massage for this session followed by body scrubbing. Scrubs are essentially used to get rid of the dead skin cells from our skin. If not cleansed from time to time, they can clog pores which can lead to skin problems like acne or pimples. They also age the skin faster by blocking proper blood circulation. Scrubs exfoliate the skin and free it from these dead cells.

If you are an actress, model, corporate female or anyone who would love to maintain and have ageless beautiful skin should schedule this session at least once in 15 days. I am very sure you will see great results.