Couple Massage

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Today, a couple’s massage is among the most popular services in Mumbai. This type of massage entails a couple receiving a massage in the same room, at the same time and by two therapists, or it can be performed in separate room as well. You can invite your best friend, colleague or any one of your female friend from kitty or friend circle. It’s certainly a nice way to bond with someone while getting the relaxation you deserve.

At DARIS the menu of couples’ massages is impressive. Here, you’ll be able to indulge in exotic treatments like the couple’s lomi Lomi Massage, Balinese Massage , or aromatherapy full body pampering.

The female couple’s Lomi Lomi massage happens to be a favorite and it comes as no surprise; most people who’ve enjoyed it have described the experience as “the ultimate” way to enjoy the soothing effects of the beach without actually being there. The Balinese Massage , brought from the Bali offer truly amazing stress relief. And you would love to try our Full Body Aromatherapy.

And not enough can be said of the couple’s aromatherapy massage. These treatments are a great way to enjoy the holistic approach to balancing the body, spirit and mind, through the use of essential oils. These not only feed the senses, but help the couple obtain a feeling of harmony. Depending on the oils you choose, you can walk away energized or simply relaxed.

As for the massage protocol, note that it’s okay to talk through the treatment or remain quiet. Keep in mind that this is a great gift or a perfect way to introduce someone to the benefits of massage.