You just landed in Mumbai. you feel fatigue, jet lagged and have a headache you can’t seem to get rid of. You would definitely want to make the best out of your visit, or maybe you have an important business meeting to prepare for.

Stay off the caffeine and painkillers if you’re feeling the effects of jet lag. Instead, perk yourself up with a relaxing massage. It will fast trek your way to normal sleep cycles without having to go through days of interrupted sleep.

When combined, (Head & Scalp Massage, Body Relaxation Massage & Foot reflexology ) three massages provide tired travellers with 120 minutes of complete rest and relaxation, helps to ease of lethargy, promote circulation, and reset the body’s internal clock. Getting a massage from our trained massage therapist  is truly the perfect head-to-toe remedy for jet lag.

Benefit of Jet Leg Massage:

  1. Relief Stiffness and Muscle tension developed from sitting for hours.
  2. Improve Blood circulation which are prone to swelling during long flight
  3. Relaxing the body can help to regulate sleep cycle and circadian rhythm

This is a must-have treatment for weary travelers. Bring your Mind, Body & Soul back into focus with a powerful and vigorous treatment of pre-blended Aromatherapy Oils. Together with an invigorating massage used to detoxify and awaken the body whilst a scalp massage will re-balance and soothe